About MarketFoward

We are a Business Consulting firm based in Lagos, Nigeria Africa. We want to bring some spark into strategizing and growing your business. ​

What Drives Us

MarketForward, inspired to create a new approach to the conventional consulting services.


A world where businesses in Africa make data driven decisions.


Most trusted partner for Data, research and business consulting in Africa.

Who We Are

MarketForward is inspired to promote industries, provide visibility, attract foreign investments and build businesses within the African Continent. Market Forward is one of the few female-run Business Consulting Firms in Africa

We poised to create value for our customers by leveraging on our competencies and a team of highly motivated staff, we work tirelessly to develop & provide a broad range of boutique consulting  services to  small business, corporations, governments and institutions to grow their business and ensures their growth agenda within the African Continent.

The Business focuses on Strategy advisory, Data research  & Market studies, Result Based Project Management, Product Management & development, Partnership sourcing, SME businesses training across industries.
We strive at ensuring uncompromising commitment to the principles of honesty and integrity in any manner of engagement and project related activities. 

We are trusted by our clients

With the best suite of business services, we take your business from where it is to where you desire with the data needed to make the right decisions. Click the button to check out the value we will offer your business.


Industries We Serve

Fintech Consultation- Market Forward
Fintech & Payments

Africa fintech and payments industry is ever evolving and we are your trusted partners for ensuring you are always in the loop of things.

Fashion Design- Market Forward Consulting

Whether its to redefine the fashion landscape, source the right distribution partners or expand your customer base here in Africa, we are here to serve.

Market Foward Consulting Agricultural Service
Other industries

Our consultants are here to serve your business needs and ensure industry experts are readily available to assist.

Ecommerce consultation companie in Nigeria

Africa presents vast opportunity in the E-commerce space and Market Forward is here to help you leverage these opportunities. We also help with setting up distribution networks, warehousing and logistics.

Financial Service Advisory- Market Forward
Digital & Financial Inclusion

We support our partners with industry data, defining key strategic plays and products to breach the gap in the industry.

What We Do

Phone Consultation

\connecct with an expert in a specific topic, business, or industry for a call.

Project Consultation

Engage with us for longer term and more in-depth engagements.


We carry out B2B and B2C surveys.

Market Forward- Marketforward logo

“Accessing data isn’t enough to make a decision. Understanding the intricacies of variables that impact the data findings is just as important. Here at MarketForward, we pride ourselves on providing visibility and understanding of the African Market”.